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Eileen Hinkle Rife

Overall Assessment of Your Manuscript


I will evaluate your nonfiction or fiction manuscript and offer suggestions for improvement in the following areas: grammar, syntax, pacing, clarity, POV, and organization. This is not a line-by-line edit, but rather an overall assessment in which I note sample areas that require further work. Price: $60

Grammatical/Proofreading Edit for Manuscripts


Includes grammatical edit/proofreading based on a double-spaced, electronic copy with 250 words per page (the industry standard). Evaluates and corrects grammatical structure, spelling, syntax, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, paragraphing, and capitalization. Price: $3.00 a page

Style Edit for Manuscripts


Based on double-spaced, electronic copy with 250 words per page (the industry standard). Includes: syntax, sentence structure, pacing, clarity, organization, plot, characters, and POV (for fiction). Price: $3.00 a page

Full Manuscript Edit


Based on a double-spaced, electronic copy with 250 words per page (industry standard). Incorporates both grammatical/proofreading edit and style edit detailed above. Price: $5.00 a page

Grammatical/Proofreading Edit and Style Edit for Short Stories, Newsletters, Flyers, Brochures, Business booklets, Articles, and Web Copy


Based on a double-spaced, electronic copy. Includes evaluation and correction in the following areas: structure, syntax, subject-verb agreement, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, paragraphing, pacing, clarity, and organization. Price: $5.00 a page

My Qualifications


* Multi-published author of both nonfiction and fiction with 20 years of experience in the writing field.

* Frequent contributor to Discipleship Journal as well as other Christian periodicals (ParentLife, Christian Home & School, Women Alive!, Mature Living, Marriage Partnership, and Christian Women Today). 

* Evaluated and edited student work in both fiction and nonfiction categories as well as academic research papers.

* A member of American Christian Fiction Writers and an alumna of Christian Writers Guild.

* B.A. in Christian Education with a minor in English Education. Graduate studies in Christian Counseling. 



Eileen Rife did a wonderful job in the edit of my first book. I considered it an honor for her to look through my material. Eileen gave me a new perspective and helped me to see some things that I have written in a different light. She also gave more life to some areas that needed expounding and cultivating. Her constructive critique gave me some insight where I needed (being a man trying to keep the attention of the female reader). Her vast knowledge of editing I felt was invaluable for this new writer. Her experience in the creation of her own books actually helped inspire me in some of the subject content of mine. Her books also encouraged me when I was in the deep, dark valley of despair. Also her love for our Lord and her concern for her fellowman make her even more able to help in the Christian literary field. And she can help you help others strengthen their walk with Christ. If you need someone to help with your book creation, I highly recommend Mrs. Rife for the task. 


J. Mark Wright, author of Ironclad Clay

Pastor of New Beginnings Baptist Church 

Patrick Springs, Virginia


FREE Sample Edit


I am committed to editing excellence. I want my clients to be satisfied with the results. Therefore, I offer a FREE two-page edit to help a client and me determine if we are a good fit. The sample edit also helps a client actually see how the editing process works. 

Email Eileen

You can contact me for more information or to discuss your project by clicking onto the "EMAIL EILEEN" option at the top of this page. 

Payment Terms


Payment is divided into two parts: one/half is required before the work begins. After consultation, a FREE sample edit, and agreement to begin the edit, I will send you a PayPal invoice for the first half of payment. Upon completion of the edit, I will send an invoice for the remaining balance. After I receive full payment, I will email your completed edit to you.